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It's official. Our big boy is in the big leagues (of sorts). This will be his first time in 5.5 years that our oldest, Will, will attend school 5 days a week. I never cried when I left him as a baby (I left him with a family that became 'grandparents' to him). I never cried at daycare (he was so eager and excited to make friends and learn new things). He always stayed home with me at least 2-3 days per week. 

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I also never knew what to identify myself as. Am I a stay-at-home mom or a work-from-home mom? I'm not going to lie - I struggled often on figuring out my role. What was I? How do I keep the two from overlapping? And I gave myself a lot of I'M SUCKING AT EVERYTHING speeches! 

However, the emotion that hit me today was huge. I didn't want to leave Will's classroom. He was fine, as usual, and was making new friends in front of my eyes but 'Y'ALL'... this is the first time I will not have my big boy all to myself (shared with Marynn of course) a few day per week. 

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So hello kindergarten and schooling for 5 days a week for the next 17+ years of your life, son! I wish you the best and am so very, very proud of the man you already are. I love that you will gain so much from the kids, parents, teachers and community around you but also for the gifts that you will give them. Anyone is to be 'so lucky' to have you in their life. I love you. 

And to Marynn... 

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Thank you for loving me so hard and not wanting to let me go today. Your passion and 'strong will' has been admired by me since the second you were born. You don't have to follow big brother's footsteps or ANYONE'S! You continue to walk your own path, blaze your own trail and beat to your own drum. And with that... YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SHINE! I love you. 

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