We thought of the name WanderMore right after Marynn was born! The WM for WarnderMore (WM) and for our children William + Marynn (WM) With this adventure, our hope is that our eyes are opened to more of what this world has to offer -- the good and bad, the smiles and tears, the rich and poor;  to experience different cultures blending perfectly together; to learn what we are really capable of -- our strengths and our weaknesses; and to step outside of what is comfortable because that action can bring great rewards. 

There is no perfect moment, No time when you will know enough to guarantee you will get what you want. No time when you'll be 100 percent sure that you're ready to have a child, fall in love, take a job, move cross-country, build a business, show your work, stand in your truth, pursue your dream. Still, at some point, imperfectly informed, with butterflies in your belly, you'll still need to act. To own your unknown.
- Johnathan Fields

On August 7th, 2017 we left our home, and our friends and family, and set off to Costa Rica with a one way ticket to own our unknown.